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 To date, we have special alliances with more than 400 overseas professional artists, music colleges and professors from around the world.The network continues to the musicians beyond that, and is expanding like a mesh every day.

And Vision makes the best use of its network to carry out the following businesses for groups such as schools, classrooms and small groups.

We plan and arrange master courses with Japanese interpreters and study trips by famous artists and professors overseas.It is also possible to hold concerts in each country.
* It is safe because our affiliated travel agency will arrange the trip as a sponsored trip or a planned trip.

We invite special lecturers from overseas to Japan to plan courses such as master courses with Japanese interpreters and special concerts.

We will arrange tie-ups with overseas music schools.
* By partnering with an overseas music school, it is possible to take a strategy that is more differentiated from other schools.

Only for your school, classroom, group
Would you like to hold an original course?

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And Vision Corporation / Group Special Training Section
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