Job information|Study abroad arrangement person


[In charge of local arrangements for music study abroad and dance study abroad]
Supporting our customers' future by leveraging our English skills and office experience

Using flexible communication skills
The mission is to succeed in studying abroad.

It's up to you to become a musician or dancer
For those planning to study music or dance abroad
My job is to locally coordinate study abroad programs.

So that you can study abroad without delay
So that you can learn with confidence locally
So that you can finish your study abroad safely
We create an environment where we can concentrate on realizing our dreams.
We support this.

Inquire about curriculum at affiliated music schools,
Request more information or request
Make accommodation arrangements necessary for living locally.
"Visa is not in time"
"I'm going to be late for the plane I'm planning to board"
We will respond flexibly to such troubles.
Sometimes from customers who become nervous before traveling
You can also consult with us.

Responsible for many customers at the same time
Schools, accommodations, airlines, etc.
This job requires on-site arrangements.
Prioritize properly
Accurately perform each task without mistakes
The ability to process quickly is essential.

In order for our customers to leave in time for the scheduled start date of study abroad,
Especially during the busy season, there are many overtime hours and pushers, which can be very difficult.
It's a job that makes me feel very rewarding.

We often see the successes of our customers who studied music or dance abroad on TV, newspapers, and magazines.
You can also see how you grew up after studying abroad
The real thrill of this job.
Of course, there is no doubt that you will grow yourself.

In addition to regular study abroad arrangements,
Things you don't understand about living abroad, etc.
It is also our job to eliminate anxiety.

"I want to take that sensei lesson I longed for"
"I want to pursue my potential overseas"

The dream of each and every customer
Would you like to support us with us?

▲ The customer who arranged it said "It was good!"
What you can say is a great job!
▲ Because communication is an indispensable job,
It is a workplace where there are many conversations between employees.

Admission Information

Job category Study abroad arrangement charge
Employment status Permanent
Background of recruitment Our company was established with the aim of "supporting the eggs of artists and contributing to the art field."
We are looking for new members as the school business expands.
work content Local reservation arrangements for music and dance study abroad programs, and pre-study support for customers. You will be responsible for other administrative duties.

【In particular】
■ Arrangement of reservations for study abroad programs contracted by counselors with customers ■
Standing between "counselor" or "customer" and "study abroad partner"
While communicating closely
・ Apply for the program locally
・ Arrange various lessons and create schedules
・ Accommodation arrangements
・ Admission procedure and visa application procedure
・ Implementation of pre-departure briefing session
We will provide various support such as.

□ What is a study abroad partner?
School officials, professional musicians, accommodation arrangement companies,
Landlords, practice rooms, pick-up companies, local international student support companies, etc.
Since there are a wide variety of items to arrange,
It is important to work quickly and accurately.

□ We support customers so that they do not have anxiety or dissatisfaction locally.

■ Support for customers while studying abroad ■
According to the request from the customer
・ Local accompanying support by our staff
・ Creating videos for auditions
・ Translation of resume
・ Addition of lessons
We may also recommend options such as.

□ Check with your local partner to see if your request can be met,
Asking customers to submit necessary information,
Accurate communication and careful consideration are required for both parties.

□ Other,
・ Preparation and submission of applications and applications
・ Form creation
・ Invoice processing
We will also entrust you with office work such as.
Target person ・Excellent communication skills
・Those who can communicate using English
・Those who can perform office work efficiently
・Willingness and understanding to learn business knowledge
★Since most of our employees are inexperienced, we will provide full support through OJT after joining the company.
★Nationality is not an issue, but business level Japanese is required.

【In particular】
■Inexperienced in industry/occupation OK!
■With customers, local partner companies (individuals), and people within the company
 Those who can carry out work while building good relationships
■We place more emphasis on conversation and communication skills than on TOEIC scores.
 * Even if you cannot speak fluently,
 Understand and respond to what the other person wants to convey in English
 "Communicative competence" is essential.

☆ We are looking for someone who can work persistently.
☆Please apply only if you want to work with our company for a long time.

▼ The following people are welcome
● Experience studying abroad
-Music experience such as music college, brass band, choir, orchestra, band, etc.
●Good at foreign languages
●Travel agency experience (including those with travel industry experience)
Location Ochanomizu (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo)
8 minutes walk from Ochanomizu station, 6 minutes walk from Jimbocho station ♪

JR Chuo Line / Sobu Line: About 8 minutes on foot from Ochanomizu Station (Ochanomizubashi Exit)
Toei Subway Shinjuku Line / Mita Line: Jimbocho Station (Exit A5) About 6 minutes on foot
Hanzomon Line: About 5 minutes on foot from Jimbocho Station (Exit A6)
Marunouchi Line: About 2 minutes on foot from Ochanomizu Station (Exit 10)
Chiyoda Line: About 3 minutes on foot from Shin-Ochanomizu Station (Exit B6)
Tozai Line: Takebashi Station (Exit 3b) About 10 minutes on foot

*After one year, remote work may be possible depending on some circumstances.
Working hours Full time 5 days a week (9:30-18:30)
*8 hours of actual work, 1 hour of break
*Overtime is required during busy seasons (average of about 20 hours per month)
Salary Monthly salary 21 to 25 yen (first year)
* Considering experience and ability
*Trial period 3-6 months (determined by evaluation)

[Annual income]
420 million yen / 28 years old, 3rd year after joining the company / monthly salary 28 yen
Treatment and benefits Salary increase once a year / by personnel evaluation
Bonus 3 times a year / Depends on achievements
Transportation expenses up to 2 per month
Various social insurance conditioning
Medical checkup
Days off and leave ★ About 120 days off per year

Complete weekly two-day system (variable working hours system)
★If there is an event, you will be required to work on Saturdays and Sundays (if you work on Saturdays and Sundays, you will be given a day off in lieu of weekdays)

public holiday
New Year's Holiday
Birthday holiday

Ask employees

Study abroad arrangement business ● Rewarding work
I think that it is the best job for those who want to negotiate directly in English by utilizing their communication skills with overseas.Japanese people are serious about their promises, so you may be worried just because the transfer was delayed.I hope that such anxiety will be removed as much as possible and that it will become a bridge between overseas and Japan.
Counselor (sales) ● I am always saved
Our counselors even deal with customers who want to study abroad.After that, it is up to the arranging staff to decide the details, make various arrangements, and add options.Your presence is indispensable for your success in studying abroad, such as proposing things that I didn't notice!

Interview after joining the company

About after joining the company

After joining the company, you will first learn the work little by little as an assistant to a senior staff member. It depends on the person, but I would like to see you develop to the point where you can take care of customers on your own, as early as 3 months, or as late as 12 months. We hope that in the future we will be able to propose additional options to further satisfy our customers. Of course, even after you're on your own, if you have any trouble or something you don't understand, your friends will immediately follow up. I will always follow up with you, so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

In applying

How to Apply If you are interested, please feel free to apply!

▼ Application is ...
Please upload your resume and work history using the application form below, or send it by mail or email.
AndVision Inc. Recruitment
101-0052 3F, Kanda Surugadai Building, 8-2 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
or sending us a message on


▼ If you have any questions ...
Feel free to ask the recruiting company directly or call us.

Tel: 03-5577-4500

* We will keep the application confidential.
Selection process Application reception Please feel free to apply.

Document screening I would like to meet as many people as possible.

2 interviews scheduled

Meeting with general affairs Let's discuss things including salary and benefits.

Let's do our best together!

* It will take about 2 to 4 weeks from application to informal decision.
* We will consult with you regarding the date of the interview and the date of joining the company.
Contact And Vision Inc.
Kandasurugadai Bldg 3F, 8-2 Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, XNUMX-XNUMX JAPAN
03-5577-4500 / Recruiter
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