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Royal Northern College of Music RNCM Royal Northern College of Music RNCM

City: Manchester

One of the Royal Academy of Music in England.Get guidance from a world-famous artist instructor.

The Royal Northern College of Music boasts flexible course selection and well-balanced music education.A reliable and fulfilling support system is a strong ally for international students.

■ General school information ■

The Royal Academy of Music in Manchester is one of four Royal Academy of Music in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1973, it currently has 200 artist instructors and about 700 students.With a rich international flavor and thorough care for international students, about 100 students from 50 countries are gathering.The instructors are full of world-renowned musicians.Stephen Hough (piano), Charles Rosen (piano), Ivry Gitlis (violin), Hawkan Haldenberger (trumpet), Hansjerk Schellenberger (oboe), Mark Elder (conductor), Ralph Kirsh It is a big attraction to be able to take lessons such as Baum (cello).
Educational programs feature unique teaching methods and a diverse and extensive professional curriculum.In the composition major, you can actually play and listen to your own songs in an ensemble.In the piano major, more than half of the 120 or more pianos are grand pianos.In each major of string music, brass band, vocal music & opera, you can take lessons directly from many well-known instructors, and you are blessed with many opportunities to perform and perform in concerts.In addition, there are a wide range of majors, including popular music courses where you can freely unleash your mind and learn to express.Depending on the course, you can obtain qualifications such as bachelor's, master's, doctoral degrees and diplomas.
There are more than 100 ensembles such as chamber music, orchestra, woodwind, brass, string, big band, chorus, etc. in which students participate, and each of them is highly evaluated.We have received many requests for participation from venues and events all over the UK and are performing.It is also well known that it holds a historic musical instrument collection with over 300 precious musical instruments.Many of the graduates are widely active in world-renowned music institutions and the music industry, including Teatro alla Scala, Berlin Philharmoniker, London Symphony and Metropolitan Opera.From this, we can see the high level of education at the school.
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■ School name ■

Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM)
Great Britain Northern College of Music

■ Genre ■

Classical, jazz, popular music, music psychology

■ Major ■

Woodwind, Wind, String, Piano, Accompaniment, Organ, Chambero, Harp, Guitar, Percussion, Vocal & Opera, Jazz, Popular Music, Composition, Conduction, Music, Music Psychology, Chamber Music, Orchestra

■ Course ■

--Undergraduate (university course)
BMus (Hons): Bachelor of Music (4 years)
Bachelor Joint Course
MusB (Hons) + GRNCM Diploma: Joint Course (4th year, joint course with the University of Manchester)

MMus: Master of Music (2 years)
One-Year Intensive MMus (1 year)
Master + Doctor
MPhil / PhD: Master of Philosophy + Doctor of Philosophy (3 years)
PGDip: Postgraduate Diploma (1 year)
Artist Diploma: RNCM International Artist Diploma (solo performance, chamber music 1 year, opera 20 weeks)
ARTIS: Postgraduate Diploma in PerformingArts Leadership (2 years)
Postgraduate Diplomain Instrumental Teaching (2 years part-time)
Certificate of completion
PGCertPAE: Postgraduate Certificate in Performing Arts Education (1 year)
PGCE: Music with Specialist Instrumental Teaching (1 year)

- others
Foundation Degree in Popular Music Practice (2 years)
Junior Fellowship in Conducting (2 years)

■ Admission time ■

September (MPhil and PhD are also available in November, January and April)

■ Course period ■

See above

■ Audition ■

DVD screening, live screening
Submit 3 handwritten scores (including recording CD / Minidisk if possible) for composition

■ Eligibility for admission ■

Bachelor: High School Graduation Qualification, TOEFL or IELTS
Master, Master + Doctor: Bachelor, TOEFL or IELTS
* 18 years old and over

■ Qualifications after graduation ■

Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral, Diploma, Certificate of Completion

■ Price ■

Bachelor, Foundation, Joint Course: £ 14,300 (1 year, tuition only)
Bachelor (Vocal): £ 14,900 (1 year, tuition only)
Master (non-vocal): £ 14,300 (1 year, tuition only)
Master (Vocal): £ 14,900 (1 year, tuition only)
Master's One-Year Intensive (non-vocal): £ 18,250 (1 year, tuition only)
Master's One-Year Intensive (Vocal): £ 19,000 (1 year, tuition only)
Diploma (non-vocal): £ 14,300 (1 year, tuition only)
Diploma (Vocal): £ 14,900 (1 year, tuition only)
MPhil / PhD: £ 3,390 (1 year, tuition only)
Artist Diploma: Solo, opera £ 8,000, chamber music £ 5,000 (1 year, tuition only)

■ Application deadline ■

Around October 10st of the previous year
Conducting Junior Fellowship in November of the previous year

■ Others ■

(XNUMX) School admission conditions and fees may vary depending on each customer's conditions, so please contact And Vision.
(2010) Information as of November 12.Information may change depending on the year and local circumstances, so please contact the And Vision Counselor for the latest information.


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