Music University / Conservatory

Faculty of Music, University of Sheffield University of Sheffield Department of Music

City: Sheffield

Learn languages, philosophy, and music psychology as well as playing and composing, and let's develop multi-talented talents.

The University of Sheffield School of Music presides over about 50 public concerts each year.Let's acquire ability while having fun at ensembles and lunchtime concerts.

■ General school information ■

The University of Sheffield, the predecessor of the Sheffield Medical School, founded in 1828, was integrated with colleges and technical schools in 1897. It was recognized by the university in 1905 and became the University of Sheffield.The quality of education and research has been ranked high in a number of university rankings both inside and outside the UK and has received international acclaim.The Faculty of Music has a track record of being ranked 2008th in the UK in the 4 RAE GPA ranking. In 2009, the faculty was relocated to the center of the university campus.It can be said that the specialized space for research, the library, the office, the practice room, the studio facilities, etc. have been renewed to create a more blessed environment.
In the university course, we offer a BMus degree acquisition course in music in general.You can study composition, performance, music history, music psychology, folk music, jazz, popular music, music education, music technology, and music business.In addition to music, you can obtain a BA degree in languages ​​such as English and German, as well as dual majors such as philosophy, Bible studies, and Far East studies.In the graduate course, a regular tutor system is implemented in all courses.It would be nice to receive personalized advice for each student.The research program offers MA degree courses in performance (solo, ensemble), music management, music psychology, sonic art, and folk musicology.You can also get an MMus degree in performance, composition, dissertation & folio.In addition, we offer MPhil and PhD degree courses.
Currently, there are more than 24,000 students and about 6,000 staff members throughout the university.We welcome more than 120 international students from 4,800 countries around the world.We have deep exchanges with Japanese educational institutions and support for international students, so you can study with peace of mind.
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■ School name ■

University of Sheffield, Faculty of Arts, Department of Music
Faculty of Music, University of Sheffield

■ Genre ■

Classical, jazz, popular music, ethnomusicology, music business, music technology, etc.

■ Major ■

Performance (instrumental music, voice music), composition, jazz, popular music, folk music, music psychology, music education, music business, music management, music technology, sonic art
* Multiple majors are possible in the bachelor's degree: English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese studies, Korean studies, philosophy, Bible studies, Far East studies

■ Course ■

--Undergraduate (university course)
BMus (Hons): Bachelor of Music
Double major
BA (Hons): Bachelor of Arts

MA: Master of Arts
MMus: Master of Music
MPhil: Master of Philosophy
PhD: Doctor of Philosophy

■ Admission time ■


■ Course period ■

Bachelor's degree: 3 years, double major in music + language is 4 years
Master: 1 year for MA and MMus, 2 years for MPhil
Ph.D.: 3 years

■ Audition ■

There is an audition, there is an interview
Bachelor's degree is recommended to participate in Open Days (interview and performance major have practical level check)
If you are a master's student (MMus, MPhil) or a doctoral student and cannot participate in the audition / interview, compose the score, perform the performance recording, and submit the research plan (500-1,000 characters).
* Please contact us for details of master's and doctoral degrees.

■ Eligibility for admission ■

Bachelor: High School Graduation Qualification, TOEFL or IELTS
Master (MA, MMua): Bachelor, TOEFL or IELTS
Master (MPhil), Ph.D.: Master, TOEFL or IELTS

■ Qualifications after graduation ■

Bachelor, Master, Doctor

■ Price ■

Bachelor: £ 13,330 (1 year, tuition only)
Master (MPhil), Ph.D.: £ 13,330 (1 year, tuition only)
* FY2010
Master (MA): £ 13,330, Music Management £ 14,050 (1 year, tuition only)
* FY2011

■ Application deadline ■

Bachelor: April 6th
Master's and Ph.D.: Accepted throughout the year (advanced if you wish to fund, usually at the end of April)
* FY2011

■ Others ■

(XNUMX) School admission conditions and fees may vary depending on each customer's conditions, so please contact And Vision.
(2011) This information is current as of September 9, 7.
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