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Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

Country: Italy
City: Florence

The skills of major players learned in Florence, an Italian city full of art.

This is a short-term course for 2 to 5 days for those who have graduated from music school.For sightseeing, why not enjoy the historic streets, museums, and authentic Italian cuisine.
This course is held in Florence, Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance and the scent of art from the casual sights of the street corners. Courses from 2018 to 2019 include trumpet, baroque vocal music, percussion, cello and harpsichord.Every year, the faculty and majors change, but in the past, for example, the world's most prominent horn soloist, born in Zagreb, professor Radovan Vlatkovich of the Mozartium Conservatory, French-born harpsichord player, conductor and Kisiana music. Former chief Judith Lieber of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, piano and forte piano, found by Christoph Ruse, who also taught at the institute, and world-famous conductor Zubin Mehta, have won numerous competitions. Stefano Fiuzzi, a professor at the Imola International Piano Academy, and Baritone Alessandro Corbelli, who is famous for his excellent interpretation of Mozart and Rossini, took charge of this course (please refer to the course details for this year).It is a feature that sensei people who do not show up much in other classes also open the door in this class.The period depends on the professor.Generally, you can take a couple of lessons.Eligibility is to have graduated from a music school.There is no age limit.Auditions are scheduled on the first day of the course, but in most cases, all those who have passed the preliminary document screening can take the course, so don't worry.If sensei approves of this class, you may be given the opportunity to perform in subsequent concert series.Florence is also famous as a gastronomic city.Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine while learning authentic music.It will be an unforgettable class until later.
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■ Workshop period ■

Please refer to the following as it varies depending on each course.

■ Courses held ■

Trumpet, baroque vocal, percussion, cello, harpsichord

■ Number of lessons ■

It depends on sensei, but generally lessons are about once every two days.
* The number of hours may change depending on the level, number of students, and major of the professor and students.

■ Audition ■

Prior document review.There will be a brief audition on the first day, and successful applicants will be the students.
* Generally, if you pass the document screening and the number of students is about the normal number, you will be a student, but please prepare the song in case the number of students increases significantly.
* Depending on the number of people and professors, there may not be an audition on the first day.

■ Workshop venue ■

Gryphoni Budini Gattai Palace, Conservatory, etc.
* The training venue varies depending on the professor.

■ Workshop schedule ■

The course schedule will be announced locally.Please check on-site for details.

<General schedule example>
Day 1: Accommodation by local arrival from Japan
Day 2: Start of training Audition at the site
Course end date: Course end
The day after the end of the course: Departure from the airport by car
Two days after the end of the course: Arrival in Japan

■ Pieces / Number of pieces ■

Free song.Please prepare about 3 to 10 songs depending on the course.

■ Practice room ■

can be.However, please note that the practice time is quite limited as everyone uses one practice room.

■ Concert Opportunity ■

* There is a possibility that you will be recommended for a separate concert hosted by the seminar secretariat at the recommendation of the professor.However, the timing is undecided.

■ Accommodation ■

Flat share (single room)
* If you wish, we can arrange a hotel for an additional fee.
* You can practice with an instrument.

■ Accommodation period ■

Check-in: The day before the start date of the course
Check-out: The day after the end of the course
* If you stay within 6 nights, you can stay without changing the price, so please use it.

■ Japanese interpreter / local support ■

▽ Local support
With telephone support from an Italian partner (telephone only, 24 hours)

▽ Japanese interpreter during lessons
Interpretation cannot be arranged.

■ Airport transfer ■

Round-trip airport transfer included (Florence Airport)

■ Qualifications ■

It is possible to attend a music college or a music college graduate.
* If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, please contact the And Vision Counselor.

■ Price ■

Major: Trumpet
Period: October 2018th to January 11th, 24
Lecturer: Stephen Burns
(Former Professor at Indiana University Bloomington, USA, Former Professor at Manhattan School of Music, USA)
Price: 276,060 yen

Major: Baroque Vocal Music
Period: October 2018th to January 11th, 29
Lecturer: Jill Feldman
(Former Professor of Royal Conservatory in Hague, Netherlands, Former Professor of Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland)
Price: 268,730 yen

Major: Percussion
Period: October 2019th to January 1th, 15
Lecturer: Simone Rubino
(Italian percussionist)
Price: 264,330 yen

Major: Cello
Period: October 2019th to January 2th, 12
Lecturer: Giovanni Sollima
(Italian cellist / composer)
Price: 264,330 yen

Major: Harpsichord
Period: October 2019th to January 2th, 23
Lecturer: Christophe Rousset
(French harpsichord player / conductor)
Price: 268,730 yen

■ What is included in the price ■

Course registration fee, course fee (tuition fee, audit fee, practice room, accompaniment fee if necessary, certificate of completion, etc.), local accommodation arrangement fee, flat share accommodation fee (single room: practice possible), airport transfer fee , Support service fee during stay in the field (telephone only), overseas international remittance fee, overseas international remittance bank receipt fee, pre-departure support service fee, set discount

■ Clarify some of the items not included in the price ■

Airfare, Japanese translation fee, overseas travel accident insurance fee, city travel fee, telephone fee, all personal expenses during free time, etc.

■ Price / Schedule Supplement ■

● This course will be auditioned locally, and if you attend the course, the difference will be refunded locally.
● Please contact an And Vision Counselor as you may be able to take classes even during the period you have set.
● Consumption tax may be required for some items depending on the conditions.

■ Application deadline ■

6st deadline: 4 weeks before each course start date XNUMXnd deadline: XNUMX weeks before each course start date XNUMXrd deadline: up to capacity
● Even before the application deadline, the deadline will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
● Even after the application deadline, you may be able to apply if there is a vacancy in the course, so please contact the And Vision Counselor.


* If you have an attendant, you will be charged a separate fee such as accommodation.Attendance fees may vary depending on the age of the student.
* If you are a minor, you will generally need to be accompanied, but please contact us.
* Please contact us if you are a group led by sensei.
* Separately, we can arrange a local language school (affiliated school) free of charge.
* Private lessons or group lessons can be arranged separately.
* Please contact an And Vision Counselor for paid rental of musical instruments.
* Since there are very few accommodations where you can practice, you may need a practice room for an additional fee depending on the time of application.
* In addition to the above, please feel free to contact the And Vision Counselor for anything.
* This information is as of December 2018, 12.Information may change depending on the year and local circumstances, so please contact the And Vision Counselor for the latest information.
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