Spring course Training session

Thomas Woolman Special Piano Spring Workshop

City: Munich

Learn the "weakness" of heavy playing and play like Claudio Arrau.

While relaxing, you can enjoy the stormy volume and the singing tone.Woolman sensei, who teaches Clara Schumann's weight playing method, will hold a special course in Munich, Germany.
Thomas Woolman, who learned the piano from Clara Schumann's grandchildren, is a great-grandchild pianist who inherited the Clara Schumann-style weight playing method.The weight playing method that relaxes the body and plays with the weight of the arm is well known as the playing method of the super-big pianist Claudio Arrau and the authority of the piano world, Kreuzer.Of course, the piano taught by Thomas Woolman is also based on this heavy playing method.The first thing we teach in the lesson is "weakness," which is the cornerstone of this playing technique and is the source of singing tones and unthinkably loud sounds.Students who have mastered it will be taught various touches and articulations, and the more advanced they are, the more emphasis will be placed on the interpretation and expression of the song.Popular with such accurate guidance and friendly personality, he teaches at the University of Music Munich, and this spring, Woolman sensei, who is sought after all over Europe, will hold a happy class this spring.What makes me happy is that anyone can participate without any technical level restrictions.And since it is a master class with a limited number of 4 people, you can expect intimate and polite lessons.There are XNUMX individual lessons during the period, and of course you can listen to the lessons of other students.A concert with all participants is scheduled for the final day.Furthermore, if you wish, you will also have the privilege of being able to duet the song selected by the student with sensei at the encore of the final concert.If you are interested in enrolling in Munich University of Music or German University of Music, sensei will definitely give you some advice.It is safe because the lesson interpreter will be done by someone who has studied music on the piano and is familiar with the piano.Only XNUMX people are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so please apply as soon as possible!

* If you want to play fun music with sensei, in principle, anyone can do a duet if you bring the designated song.

Impressions of And Vision Interpreter
"The instructor, Woolman sensei, explained in detail the technique, musical instruction, and especially the composer's intentions and emotions behind the song. The witty and friendly sensei makes the students relaxed. I got the impression that I was looking into the lesson. "

Student HI
The lessons are very dense, with an emphasis on the degree of understanding, and the enthusiasm that never seems to be appropriate at this level has been conveyed.In addition, after listening to his future career prospects, he spared no effort to give advice that suits his needs, and gave appropriate advice on what is needed more about how to practice and how to approach music.
* And Vision is one push *
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■ Workshop period ■

August 2009th (Wednesday) -September 3th (Sunday), 18

* It will not be held in 2012.We can arrange private lessons for Woolman sensei, so please contact us.

■ Courses held ■


■ Number of lessons ■

4 private lessons

■ Audition ■


■ Workshop venue ■

sensei studio

■ Workshop schedule ■

◎ Tuesday, March 3
Arrival in Munich: Check-in

◎ Wednesday, March 3
Practice 9 / 10-14 o'clock
15:19 to XNUMX:XNUMX on the first day of the class

◎ March 3th (Thursday)
Practice 9 / 10-14 o'clock
Workshop 15: 19-XNUMX: XNUMX

◎ March 3th (Friday)
Practice 9 / 10-14 o'clock
Workshop 15: 19-XNUMX: XNUMX

◎ 3 month 21 day (Saturday)
Practice 9 / 10-14 o'clock
Workshop 15: 19-XNUMX: XNUMX

◎ March 3 (Sun)
Practice 9 / 10-14 o'clock
Public concert 17: 30-19: 30

◎ March 3 (Monday)
Check out

* Subject to change due to local circumstances.

■ Pieces / Number of pieces ■

Free song.Free number of songs.Generally, it is better to bring about 3-6 songs.
* If you would like sensei and piano duet, please select one from the following songs.
XNUMX) From The first movement of the unfinished Sonata e-minor to the end of Mozarts original music (Ed. Henle)
5) Schumann: From "Bilder aus dem Osten" the Nr. XNUMX "Lebhaft" (Ed. Peters)
1) Brahms: From Hungarian Dances the Nr. XNUMX in g-minor "Allegro molto" (Ed. Peters)

■ Practice room ■

can be. About 1-3 hours a day.
* Upright or grand piano (used in order)

■ Concert Opportunity ■

There is a final concert where everyone can perform.Please prepare for about 20 minutes per person.
* If you decline to appear, please contact sensei.

■ Accommodation ■

XNUMX) Hotel (double room)
XNUMX) B & B (single room: flat share)
* If you choose a hotel, we will try to accommodate two people as much as possible, but please note that an additional single room fee will be charged if no one is with you.

■ Accommodation period ■

Check-in: Tuesday, March 2009, 3
Check-out: Monday, March 2009, 3
* Additional nights and previous nights are possible at an additional charge.

■ Japanese interpreter / local support ■

With Japanese interpreter
* You can rest assured that the interpreter will be provided by a musician.

■ Airport transfer ■

Round-trip airport transfer included (Munich)

■ Qualifications ■

Anyone can do it.
* The first 4 people, so be quick!

■ Professors (2009) ■

Thomas Woolman
(Lecturer, Munich University of Music, Germany)
* University consultation is also possible.

■ Fee (2009) ■


■ Clarify some of the items not included in the price ■

Airfare, * Practice room, * Musical instrument rental fee, * Piano tuning fee, * Piano accompaniment fee, * Airport transfer round trip, * Airport transfer return trip, * Japanese translation fee, overseas travel accident insurance fee, city travel fee, telephone Fees, all personal expenses during free time, etc.
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