Summer course Language + Music Training session

Furuda Piano Summer Workshop (former Schlitz Piano Summer Workshop)

Strengthening training for concert and pianist training.Let's also take language training.

Hone your skills and seize the chance of a recital in a hands-on piano lesson in Hessen, Germany.At the same time, learn a foreign language and use it for international exchange and study abroad.
April 2024th - May 7th, 23
Fulda, the central city of eastern Hessen, north of Frankfurt and west of Eisenach.The city, which has developed around the Benedict Abbey, is also known as the land associated with the poet Goethe, and is characterized by its many Baroque buildings such as the cathedral.The Fulda Piano Summer Course, sponsored by the International Piano Academy and the Fulda Language School, will feature piano master classes and concerts by world-class faculty, as well as language courses for musicians if desired.In the piano master class, you will learn about the repertoire of participants, stage manners, and impressions of the audience on stage.In addition, you can choose from German, English, etc. for the language courses that are essential for international success and study abroad as a musician.Students can practice as much as they want because they can use the practice room for 3 hours a day.The faculty that the course is proud of attracts famous music schools and active pianists from all over the world.Learn musical ideas by taking about 9 lessons from multiple sensei, musicians who are internationally recognized for their teaching and playing skills.Students will be between the ages of 18 and 30 and only a small number of students will be able to attend, so please consider as soon as possible.Please prepare at least 4 songs for the concert.Students will perform at least once during the period in a public concert in the form of a competition.A concert with a candlelight dinner will make you feel the passage of time and history in Europe.At the final concert, the students who are recognized as the best will perform.The best students are promised a recital appearance in Germany.At the same time, a concert-style competition will be held.Why don't you participate in a detailed class unique to a small number of people this year?
* The number of lessons is large and the level is high, so it is a very satisfying course.And Vision is a recommended course.
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■ Workshop period ■

April 2024th - May 7th, 23

■ Courses held ■

Piano, piano and language lessons

■ Number of lessons ■

▽ Piano lesson
About 9 private lessons from multiple professors
* The number of hours may change depending on the level, number of students, and major of the professor and students.

▽ Language lesson
German or English lessons. It will be a group lesson of 6 days x 90 minutes.
* The minimum number of participants for each class is 3, and classes in languages ​​with less than 3 students will be changed to other classes.
* It is possible to change to a private lesson at an additional charge.For private lessons, you may be able to choose from languages ​​other than German and English.

■ Audition ■


■ Workshop venue ■

It will be held in various places such as monasteries and halls.

■ Workshop schedule ■

The course schedule will be decided locally.Please check on-site for details.

<General schedule example>
Day 1: Depart from Japan and arrive at your accommodation
Day 2: Start of training
Day 16: Final Concert
Day 17: End of course Departure from the airport by car
Day 18: Arrival in Japan

■ Pieces / Number of pieces ■

Free song
* Please prepare the songs required for the concert appearance.Please contact your And Vision Counselor for more information.

■ Practice room ■

* Generally, you can practice for about 1 hours a day.

■ Concert Opportunity ■

It will be a competition format, and as a general rule, it is mandatory to perform at a concert.However, the final decision on the appearance will be made by the professors.
* Selected people can participate in semi-final concerts and final concerts.Selected people are not allowed to re-use songs that were once played at a concert prior to selection.Please contact your And Vision Counselor for more information.

■ Accommodation ■

Student dormitory (single room).With meal (morning, noon, evening)
* We will use the facilities of the monastery.

■ Accommodation period ■

Check-in: The day before the start date of the course
Check-out: Course end date
* Extended nights and previous nights are possible

■ Japanese interpreter / local support ■

▽ Local support
And Vision Local staff with telephone support (telephone only)

▽ Japanese interpreter
*Sensei says that you can participate if you can speak simple English, so please feel free to participate.

■ Airport transfer ■

Round-trip airport transfer included (Frankfurt)

■ Professors ■

Akiko Ebi
(Former visiting professor at Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan, former professor at Nihon University College of Art)

caroline hong
(Professor, Department of Music, Ohio State University, USA)

Ronan O'Hora
(Chief Professor, Guildhall School of Music, England)

Elena Levit
(Professor Emeritus, Hannover University of Music, Germany)

Uta Veyanto
(Former Professor of the Royal Academy of Music in Madrid, Spain, Former Professor of the Spanish Castellon Academy of Music, Jury member of the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition)

Dina Joffe
(Former Professor of Hamburg University of Music, Germany, Former Professor of Anton Rubinstein International Academy, Germany)

■ Qualifications ■

18 to 30 years
* If you are 13 to 17 years old, please see "Furuda Piano Summer Course for Youth (Former Schlitz Piano Summer Course for Youth"".

■ Price ■

Piano and language lesson course: 689,950 yen (696,750 yen including tax)
Piano course: 654,020 yen (660,820 yen including tax)

■ What is included in the price ■

Class fees (tuition fee, audit fee, practice room, selected person concert appearance fee, concert viewing fee, certificate of completion, etc.), language group lesson fee (when language lesson is selected), language lesson fee (when language lesson is selected) ) Language completion certificate, local accommodation arrangement fee, student dormitory accommodation fee (single room: practice possible), food fee (morning, noon, evening), airport transfer fee, local stay support service fee (telephone only), overseas International remittance fee, overseas international remittance bank receipt fee, pre-departure support service fee, set discount

■ Clarify some of the items not included in the price ■

Airfare, language lesson fee (if you do not select a language lesson), Japanese translation fee, overseas travel accident insurance fee, city travel fee, telephone fee, all personal expenses during free time, etc.

■ Price / Schedule Supplement ■

● Please contact an And Vision Counselor as you may be able to take classes even during the period you have set.
● Depending on the local situation of the new corona infection, online lessons may be offered.Please note that if the course is offered, the fee will be charged excluding accommodation fees.The cancellation policy is based on the terms and conditions.

■ Application deadline ■

First deadline: February 2024, 4, 1, Second deadline: March 2024 5, Third deadline: up to capacity
● Even before the application deadline, the deadline will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
● Even after the application deadline, you may be able to apply if there is a vacancy in the course, so please contact the And Vision Counselor.


* If you have an attendant, you will be charged a separate fee such as accommodation.Attendance fees may vary depending on the age of the student.
* If you are a minor, you will generally need to be accompanied, but please contact us.
* Please contact us if you are a group led by sensei.
* Separately, we can arrange a local language school (affiliated school) free of charge.
* Private lessons or group lessons can be arranged separately.
* Please contact an And Vision Counselor for paid rental of musical instruments.
* In addition to the above, please feel free to contact the And Vision Counselor for anything.
* This information is as of December 2023, 12.Information may change depending on the year and local circumstances, so please contact the And Vision Counselor for the latest information.
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