Summer course Training session

Heiligenberg Summer International Music Academy

City: Seeheim-Jugenheim

Strings, classical music, piano, and chamber music are taught in a beautiful castle in the Hessen region of Germany, which is famous for its white wine.

The sensei who teaches at the famous German music college welcomes all those who aspire to music.We will teach you not only advanced techniques but also basics.There is no age limit for attendance.
from March 2024th to May 7st
This course will be held in the town of Seeheim-Jugenheim, located in the middle of Bergstrasse, one of the tourist roads in southern Hesse, Germany. The venue was Heiligenberg Castle, located on a hill overlooking the cityscape. With views of vineyards stretching far into the distance, you'll be able to experience the best of Europe between lessons. Course subjects include violin, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet, piano, and chamber music. The focus is on individual solo lessons for each instrument, and chamber music is optional. If you only want private lessons, you can take 4 private lessons during the period. If you also choose chamber music, you will receive 2 private lessons and 2 chamber music lessons (4 lessons in total). It is also possible to have 3 lessons with just chamber music. This chamber music lesson has a slightly different feature from others. In most cases, participants of the same level form an ensemble and take lessons, but in this seminar, students joined the instructors and played together, which was a valuable lesson. you can get. The lecturers are mainly professors from two famous German music schools, the Mannheim University of Music and the Folkwang University of the Arts Essen. Sensei usually teaches advanced students and professionals, but in this course, he is not particular about the level of the students. For those who are at a professional level, we will teach professional level content, and for those who are not very familiar with the basics, we will focus on the basics. There is no particular age limit, and some of the younger participants are children as young as 2 years old. A public concert is scheduled for the last three days of the period, in which students selected by the professor can perform. In addition, there is a Japanese accompanist among the staff at the seminar, so you can rest assured that they will be able to provide Japanese assistance and interpretation.
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■ Workshop period ■

from March 2024th to May 7st

■ Courses held ■

Violin, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet, piano, chamber music

■ Number of lessons ■

Typically 4 private lessons or chamber music lessons
*If you wish to have both private lessons and chamber music lessons, it will be 2 private lessons and 2 chamber music lessons.
*It is also possible to change the solo lesson to chamber music only. In this case, there will be 3 chamber music lessons.
* The number of hours may change depending on the level, number of students, and major of the professor and students.

■ Audition ■


■ Workshop venue ■

Schloss Heiligenberg (castle)

■ Workshop schedule ■

The course schedule will be announced locally.Please check on-site for details.

<General schedule example>
Day 1: Depart from Japan and arrive at your accommodation
Day 2: Start of training
Day 14: End of class
Day 15: Local departure to the airport
Day 16: Arrival in Japan

■ Pieces / Number of pieces ■

Free song
* Generally, please prepare about 1 song per lesson as a guide.
* Chamber music songs will be specified by the workshop.Please contact your And Vision Counselor for more information.

■ Practice room ■

Stringed instruments: You can practice at your accommodation.
Piano: The practice room can be used by appointment.
* Subject to change depending on the number of participants.

■ Concert Opportunity ■

There is a selected concert.

■ Accommodation ■

Flat share (single room)
*As the number of rooms is very limited, we recommend applying early.
*Depending on the application status, it may be possible to arrange a double room (sharing a room with another participant).
*If the hotel is fully booked, we will suggest a separate hotel (rates may vary)

■ Accommodation period ■

Check-in: The day before the start date of the course
Check-out: The day after the end of the course
* Extended nights and previous nights are possible

■ Japanese interpreter / local support ■

▽ Local support
With local telephone support by And Vision local staff (telephone only)

▽ Interpretation during lessons
If you do not understand German or English, the local office can prepare a Japanese assistant interpreter only when necessary.However, please note that interpreters are not always available throughout lessons and courses.

■ Airport transfer ■

Round-trip airport transfer included (Frankfurt Airport)

■ Professors ■

▽ Violin
Yazek Klimkyevich
(Former Professor, Folkwang University of the Arts, Germany)

Noe Inui
(Lecturer at the Robert Schumann University of Music, Düsseldorf, Germany; former lecturer at the Mannheim University of Music, Germany)

Johannes Height
(Member of the Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Germany)

▽ Viola
Hideko Kobayashi
(Professor, Mannheim University of Music, Germany)

Carlos London
(Member of the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra of Mexico)

▽ Cello
Zebastian Hennemann
(Germany Law Orchestra Sondershausen Chief)

Ramon Jaffe
(Lecturer, University of Music, Dresden, Karl Maria von Weber, Germany)

Emanuel Visa
(Professor, Kassel Academy of Music, Germany)

▽ Contrabass
Sung Hyuk Hong
(Professor, Karlsruhe University of Music, Germany)

▽ Clarinet
Maxi Hennemann
(Deputy Chief of the German Law Orchestra Sondershausen)

▽ Piano
Moritz Winkelman
(Professor, Mannheim University of Music, Germany)
* From August 2024th to August 7th, 31

Catherine Vickers
(Former Professor, Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, Germany)

■ Qualifications ■

Nothing in particular

■ Price ■

646,650 yen (653,450 yen including tax)

■ What is included in the price ■

Course fees (tuition fee, attendance fee, practice room, accompaniment fee if necessary, concert participation fee for selected participants, concert viewing fee, certificate of completion, etc.), local accommodation arrangement fee, flat share accommodation fee (single room), Airport transfer fee, support service fee during local stay (telephone only), overseas international remittance fee, overseas international remittance bank receipt fee, pre-departure support service fee, set discount

■ Clarify some of the items not included in the price ■

Airfare, Japanese translation fee, overseas travel accident insurance fee, city travel fee, telephone fee, all personal expenses during free time, etc.

■ Price / Schedule Supplement ■

● Please contact an And Vision Counselor as you may be able to take classes even during the period you have set.
● Depending on the local situation of the new corona infection, online lessons may be offered.Please note that if the course is offered, the fee will be charged excluding accommodation fees.The cancellation policy is based on the terms and conditions.

■ Application deadline ■

First deadline: February 2024, 5, 1, Second deadline: March 2024 6, Third deadline: up to capacity
● Even before the application deadline, the deadline will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
● Even after the application deadline, you may be able to apply if there is a vacancy in the course, so please contact the And Vision Counselor.


* If you have an attendant, you will be charged a separate fee such as accommodation.Attendance fees may vary depending on the age of the student.
* If you are a minor, you will generally need to be accompanied, but please contact us.
* Please contact us if you are a group led by sensei.
* Separately, we can arrange a local language school (affiliated school) free of charge.
* Private lessons or group lessons can be arranged separately.
* Please contact an And Vision Counselor for paid rental of musical instruments.
* In addition to the above, please feel free to contact the And Vision Counselor for anything.
* This information is as of December 2024, 01.Information may change depending on the year and local circumstances, so please contact the And Vision Counselor for the latest information.
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