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Lombardy Master Class

Country: Italy
City: Briosco

Lombardy Master Class by super-luxury teachers near Milan

Participate in lessons from world-famous professors such as vocal music and piano to raise the musical level.I'm glad that you can choose to have a Japanese interpreter.
The Lombardy Master Course at Villa Medici Giulini (the villa of the famous Italian aristocratic Medici family) in Briosco, north of Milan, Italy, offers a variety of songs and musical instruments such as vocal music, piano and flute. ,It would be held.Examples of teachers vary from year to year, but examples include Luciana Serra, an Italian world-famous soprano singer who is also famous for Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute," opera singer Cartia Richjarelli, who inherits the traditional Belkant singing method of Italy, and piano. It is a master course by performers who deserve to be called top-notch, such as Paul Badura Skoda, also known as "Vienna Three Crows".A variety of musical instrument courses are offered on a regular basis throughout the year, not to mention the spring and summer holidays. Although it depends on the sensei and the course, there is generally one lesson every day, so please prepare about one song at a time.If it is an Italian course, you can take the lesson with a Japanese interpreter by a musician.Practice is available in your room or in another room with a piano in the villa.Generally, the order of application is to take the course, but some sensei require a preliminary examination by recording in advance.Accommodation will be in a villa owned by the Medici family.It is made of Baroque architecture and you can enjoy the Italian atmosphere.This villa has some of the most valuable keyboard instruments and you can enjoy them during your stay.The room is basically a double room, and the room is shared with other participants. (If you wish, you can change to a single room for an additional fee.) Before and after the class, you can enjoy sightseeing in Milan, so please use it.
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■ Workshop period ■

Courses are held throughout the year.See below for details.

■ Courses held ■

Voice, piano, violin, harp, flute, etc.

■ Number of lessons ■

Generally daily private lessons
* Whether or not the lesson can be recorded depends on sensei.Please be sure to check with sensei in advance.
* The number of lessons is left to sensei depending on the number of students, level, and period, and may vary.

■ Audition ■

Please see below as it depends on sensei.

■ Workshop venue ■

Villa Medici Giulini
* It is about 30 km from Milan.

■ Workshop schedule ■

Details of the course schedule will be confirmed locally.

<General schedule example>
Day 1: Depart from Japan and arrive at your accommodation
Day 2: Start of training
Last day of the course: Generally scheduled for the final concert End of the course
The day after the last day of the course: Departure from the airport by car
The day after the last day of the course: Arrival in Japan

<Example of daily schedule>
10-13 o'clock master class
13-15 o'clock lunch
15-19 o'clock master class
* The schedule is just an example.Please note that the schedule varies depending on the instructor.

■ Pieces / Number of pieces ■

Free song.Generally, please prepare at least one song per lesson.

■ Practice room ■

You can practice at your accommodation.
* There may be a piano in the room or a practice room in the accommodation.

■ Concert Opportunity ■

Generally, the final concert is held on the last day, but whether or not to hold a concert depends on the sensei, the time and the period.
* If you have a concert, please bring a simple costume for the recital.Please contact the And Vision Counselor in advance for the details of the concert.

■ Accommodation ■

Villa (double room).With meal (morning)
* The villa also has a kitchen so you can prepare meals.There is also a restaurant next to the villa.
* If you would like a single room, we can arrange it for an additional fee.

■ Accommodation period ■

Check-in: The day before the start date of the course
Check-out: The day after the end of the course
* Extended nights and previous nights are possible

■ Japanese interpreter / local support ■

▽ Local support
With local support from an Italian partner (telephone only)

▽ Japanese interpreter
If the language of the lesson is Italian, please select with or without a Japanese interpreter.

■ Airport transfer ■

Round-trip airport transfer included (Milan Airport)

■ Examples of professors ■

▽ Voice
Luciana Serra
Francesca Patane
Curtia Richjarelli
Enzo Dara
Claudio Desdelli
Ricardo Serenelli
な ど

▽ Piano
Achilles del Vigne
Sergio Perticaroli
Boris Berman
Paul Badura Skoda
Bruno Leonardo Gerber
な ど

* The professors will change from time to time, so please see below for the courses we are looking for.

■ Qualifications ■

Nothing in particular
* There may be conditions depending on the instructor.Please contact the And Vision Counselor in advance.

■ Price ■

▼ Voice
Luciana Serra
(Professor, Teatro alla Scala, Milan, Italy)
Date: August 2017nd-August 8th, 2
* It will be a course with many repeaters.
* Recording lessons is prohibited.
With Japanese interpreter: 362,000 yen
No Japanese interpreter: 301,000 yen

▼ Piano
Jerome Rose
(Professor, American Manes Conservatory)
Date: August 2017nd-August 8th, 7
* Interpretation cannot be arranged because the lesson is in English.

Giuseppe Deva Start
(Professor, Faculty of Music, Alfonso X of Spain)
Date: August 2017nd-August 10th, 19
With Japanese interpreter: 347,000 yen
No Japanese interpreter: 285,000 yen

▼ Violin
Frank Stadler
(Austria Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra Concertmaster)
Date: August 2017nd-August 9th, 3
* Interpretation cannot be arranged because the lessons are in German and English.

▼ Harp
Juan Jones
(Professor, Royal College of Music, UK)
Emanuela Deri Esposti
(Professor "Arrigo Boito", Parma Conservatory of Music, Italy)
Date: August 2017nd-August 7th, 19
* Interpretation cannot be arranged because the lesson is in English.

■ What is included in the price ■

Course fee (tuition fee, attendance fee, practice room, accompaniment fee if necessary, selected person concert appearance participation fee, concert viewing fee, etc.), local accommodation arrangement fee, villa accommodation fee (double room: practice possible), food fee (double room: practice possible) Morning), (If you choose to have an interpreter) Local Japanese translation fee, airport transfer fee, support service fee during your stay (phone only), overseas international remittance fee, overseas international remittance bank receipt fee, pre-departure support service fee, Set discount

■ Clarify some of the items not included in the price ■

Airfare, Japanese translation fee (without interpreter), overseas travel accident insurance fee, city travel fee, telephone fee, all personal expenses during free time, etc.

■ Price / Schedule Supplement ■

● Please contact an And Vision Counselor as you may be able to take classes even during the period you have set.
● Consumption tax may be required for some items depending on the conditions.

■ Application deadline ■

6st deadline: 4 weeks before each course start date XNUMXnd deadline: XNUMX weeks before each course start date
● Even before the application deadline, the deadline will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
● Even after the application deadline, you may be able to apply if there is a vacancy in the course, so please contact the And Vision Counselor.


* If you have an attendant, you will be charged a separate fee such as accommodation.Attendance fees may vary depending on the age of the student.
* If you are a minor, you will generally need to be accompanied, but please contact us.
* Please contact us if you are a group led by sensei.
* Separately, we can arrange a local language school (affiliated school) free of charge.
* Private lessons or group lessons can be arranged separately.
* Please contact an And Vision Counselor for paid rental of musical instruments.
* In addition to the above, please feel free to contact the And Vision Counselor for anything.
* This information is as of December 2017, 06.Information may change depending on the year and local circumstances, so please contact the And Vision Counselor for the latest information.
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