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Language lessons for music study abroad, dance study abroad, and overseas music competitions

Country: Japan
City: Tokyo

Since I play music and dance, I will choose a foreign language lesson that is useful for music and dance.

Language lessons for those who are aiming for music study abroad, dance study abroad or overseas competitions by native speakers.And Vision staff will be on hand to keep you up to date with the latest information.
Unlike ordinary language schools, And Vision's language lessons are packed with useful content for learning music and dance abroad, as well as for performance activities and performances.You can create a curriculum that suits your purpose, so there is no waste in your lessons.From the introductory level to the advanced level, you can choose your favorite lesson format such as private, semi-private, group lesson, Skype lesson. Not to mention sensei, all native speakers from minor to major languages.In addition, many sensei are active as musicians / performers and dancers, so you can learn musical content, music / dance terms, and even artistic expressions in the lessons. Depending on sensei, many sensei can take lessons in Japanese.If you are coming to a language, please feel free to contact us as the staff of And Vision will always provide you with the latest overseas music information if necessary.

[Language for which lessons are being recruited]
German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Polish.
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■ Point 1 Language lessons for music and dance abroad. ■

And Vision offers specialized language lessons for those who are planning to study music or dance, or for those who participate in overseas competitions.Unlike general language lessons, this lesson is packed with useful content for studying music and dance overseas, as well as for performance activities and performances.Languages ​​are German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Czech, Russian and Polish.Other languages ​​may be available upon request.

This language lesson is useful in this way!
・ You will be able to take sensei lessons for foreigners without an interpreter.
・ Become able to talk with students and students at the study abroad destination.You can be friends.
・ You will be able to travel abroad smoothly and with peace of mind.
・ Become able to understand the lyrics of operas, musicals, and songs.
・ You will be able to take local language classes at the music school and dance school where you studied abroad.

■ Point 2 And Vision language lesson "XNUMX benefits" ■

Advantage 01 You can change the language you learn in the middle of the course.
It is common before studying abroad that the required language changes, such as when the school you want to study abroad changes or when the sensei of music or dance you want to learn changes from country to country.With And Vision's language lessons, you can freely change the language you learn at such times.

Advantage 02 You can change the content of the lesson in the middle of the course.
You can change the lesson curriculum even in the middle of the course.For example, you can learn the most necessary things according to the degree of progress, such as changing from conversation-centered lessons to reading-centered lessons, or making the lesson curriculum focused on entrance exams.

Advantage 03 Lesson time is flexible.
Lesson time is not fixed.You can flexibly decide the lesson date and the start time of the lesson as sensei.Not only private lessons, but also semi-private and group lessons, you can move the lesson time at your convenience.

Advantage 04 You can consult with a music study abroad / dance study abroad consultant for free.
Apart from the language sensei, an appointed study abroad consultant will be in charge of study abroad consultation.You can get the latest information on local schools, workshops, sensei, etc., as well as the know-how unique to "And Vision", an expert in music study abroad and dance study abroad.Please speak to us at any time.

Advantage 05 You can choose your favorite sensei.
You can nominate and learn sensei.

Advantage 06 You can decide the text in consultation with sensei.
There is no specification for the text used in the lesson.Some are recommended, but any other text can be used in consultation with sensei.You will only be responsible for the actual cost of the text.

Advantage 07 sensei is in charge.
Throughout the course, one sensei will be responsible for you and your group.The sensei in charge will grasp the situation of the students well and give lessons according to the degree of progress.Some sensei are also active as musicians and dancers, so you can ask questions about music.

Advantage 08 Every sensei is a native speaker.
All sensei lessons are native speakers, including major languages ​​such as English, German and French, as well as Hungarian, Czech, Russian and Polish.Some sensei can also teach in Japanese.

Advantage 09 Go step by step toward a big goal.
It is not an ad hoc lesson with different prints as teaching materials, as is done in general language schools.And Vision's language lessons use textbooks to take you step by step toward your ultimate goal.

■ Point 3 Choose the course that suits you. ■

You can choose the number of people in the class.
▼ Private
It is a one-on-one lesson with sensei.You can take the most efficient lessons according to your language level.If you really want to learn, private lessons are overwhelmingly advantageous for foreign languages ​​as well as music.
▼ Semi-private (2 people)
This is a lesson that can be taken by two people by inviting friends with similar language levels.You can change the lesson date or change the lesson content at your convenience.
▼ Group (XNUMX-XNUMX people)
Group lessons are offered only to beginners.Please note that depending on the type of language, it may not be possible to start the course with less than XNUMX-XNUMX applicants.
* Only beginners will be accepted.
▼ Skype lesson
There is also a course where you can take private lessons using Skype at home.It is also available for those who do not have time or who do not live in the suburbs of Tokyo.

You can choose the payment method
▼ Monthly fee system
You will be required to pay the lesson fee of 4 or 8 times a month in a lump sum for each month. The monthly fee is the cheapest for each lesson, and if you apply for this monthly fee and you will be attending the next month after completing 1 lessons, one lesson (12th) Lesson) is free.Please note that the lesson fee will not be refunded if the lesson is absent due to customer's convenience.
▼ Ticket system (valid for 1 year)
You can also purchase lesson tickets from 1 to 12 times.Recommended if you cannot attend lessons on a regular basis.If you continue after completing 12 lessons, 1 lesson (13th lesson) will be free.
* For details on prices, see the price list on the download page.
* Those who have used the And Vision service in the past or who are currently applying will receive a 3,000 yen coupon that can be used the next time they participate in the And Vision Study Abroad Program.

[Admission fee 10,800 yen] The admission fee is currently exempted!
* Foreign language courses for business people are also available.Please contact us for details.

You can choose the time
▼ 90 minutes lesson
A 1-minute lesson with a high learning effect.Recommended for those who are planning to study abroad.Also, the lesson fee is cheaper than the 90-minute lesson.
▼ 60 minutes lesson
A 60-minute lesson for those who do not have a lot of time at once.Recommended for those who do not have a lot of time or who want to increase the number of lessons.
▼ 120 minutes lesson
A 120-minute course for those who want to learn as much as possible and train their ears for as long as possible.Recommended for those who want to concentrate on taking lessons, such as before taking classes or taking exams.

■ Point 4 Request a curriculum that suits you. ■

And Vision language lessons are tailored to the curriculum that suits the student's goals and wishes.We have prepared a curriculum centered on conversation for those who want to improve their conversation, centered on grammar for those who want to study grammar, and centered on reading comprehension for those who want to improve their reading comprehension.For those who are planning to take the exam, we recommend a curriculum that specializes in exam preparation.Other than this, please do not hesitate to request sensei what you want to learn.Even in the middle of the course, you can change the curriculum according to your needs.

Introducing sensei [some examples]
▼ Jens Ostwald sensei (German)
Graduated from Düsseldorf University.He started teaching in 2001 as a German teacher at a language school and has more than 10 years of teaching experience.Also active as a Japanese-German interpreter and translator.Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1.Responsible for many Japanese music students.
▼ Kirchner Diana sensei (German)
Graduated from Martin Luther Graduate School in Germany.Sensei has a lot of experience as a German teacher and has a lot of trust from students.Japanese is also an advanced level.He also has a deep insight into Japan.

▼ Siman Daniel sensei (German)
After graduating from Humboldt University, University of Vienna, etc., he also graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School in Japan.In addition to being a German teacher, he has a lot of experience as an English teacher and has also obtained the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1.

▼ Kimbal Brown sensei (English)
Born in Pennsylvania, USA.Graduated from Berklee College of Music.He has a long experience as an English teacher.A trumpeter who has performed in New York, Hawaii, Spain, Italy, etc. and currently lives in Japan.

▼ Stanard Polly sensei (English)
Graduated from Oxford University, England.He is fluent in Japanese and is recommended for beginners in English.I also played the flute, so I can understand musical terms.

▼ Nikos Vincenzo sensei (Italian)
Graduated from the Palermo Conservatory of Music, Italy.A professional musician who plays flute, piano, saxophone, accordion, etc.Known as an Italian teacher for opera singers.Fluent in Japanese.

▼ Guarini Letizia sensei (Italian)
Sensei is very fluent in Japanese and has a lot of experience as an Italian teacher.Very bright and pretty sensei. There are many Italian repeaters of sensei, and it has a reputation for being easy to understand.

▼ Beatrice Poivino sensei (French)
Teaching French at a language school in Tokyo or privately.In France, he sings jazz, and in Japan, he is also active as a choir member of "Cantata Musica Tokyo".Good at Japanese.

▼ Cutantik Clémentine sensei (French)
After coming to Japan in 2007 and learning Japanese, he has been a French teacher since 2008 and has taught many students.He is also active as a translator and interpreter, and is also studying psychology at Sophia University.Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1.

▼ Disi Fujionska Patrizia sensei (Polish)
Graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland.Also active as a Polish interpreter at a major company.He is quite fluent in Japanese.He has a very deep insight into Japan.

▼ Jan Pustěvsky (Czech)
A whole life concertmaster of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.A professional violinist who has formed a trio with Professor Jan Horák of Musashino Academia and is currently active in Japan.Fluent in Japanese.

な ど

"Music theory lessons in foreign languages"
"Preparing for an exam" in a language lesson refers to "studying a language" that is important when taking an exam.It does not include studying music theory or musical knowledge, which can be said to be the contents of the exam.For those who want to learn not only foreign languages ​​but also music theory, we recommend the "Music Theory Lessons in Foreign Languages" offered by And Vision.Please contact us for details.

Students' Testimonials
● IH (German)
"I didn't like German because I wasn't very good at it even though it was a compulsory subject at university. I didn't understand it at all when I started taking And Vision lessons, but I hope I can understand it little by little. Now, I like German. I think it's the result of one-on-one lessons. It's a result of one-on-one lessons, but I think I learned it well because it was one-on-one.
● KY (English / Hungarian)
Until now, I've only learned a foreign language in the form of a school class.At first, I was worried that I would be able to speak properly.However, when I took the course, sensei taught me in a very easy-to-understand manner.He answers questions from a native perspective, so I can understand not only the language but also the lifestyle of foreign countries.
● MH (Czech)
I think it is valuable to be able to take lessons with Czech sensei in Japan.Besides, the one-on-one lessons are so tense that I can concentrate on my studies.Also, sensei is a wonderful musician, so he taught me not only the language but also various things.I am very grateful to And Vision.
● KN (Hungarian)
It was the first language for me to come into contact with, but the native sensei taught me politely and enthusiastically, so I was able to take lessons with peace of mind.You can see that it improves steadily as the number of times increases.Above all, the lessons are fun, so I get motivated.I can't wait to study abroad because I don't have to worry about words.
● MF (German)
I take an hour of German lessons once a week.I have rarely attended cram schools, and at first I was very anxious about the one-on-one lesson.However, sensei is very kind, you can ask sensei on the spot if you have any questions, and you will find many discoveries during the lesson time.I think this fulfillment is because it is a one-on-one lesson.

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