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The London College of Music, The University of West London The London College of Music, The University of West London

City: UK

A large and advanced music school in the UK with full support and career support for international students.

Hone your skills directly connected to the music industry at a state-of-the-art music school belonging to an academic university.I am happy with the high-level specialized courses of all genres.
In 2011, Thames Valley University was renamed "University of West London".It has relaunched as one of London's most modern universities. Originating from the Lady Byron School, which was founded in the 1860s, it boasts a tradition of social contribution through advanced vocational training.After being approved by the university, it has grown by integrating with many colleges. With eight schools / colleges, it is known as a flexible and unique university that combines cutting-edge professional education with the strengths of an integrated university.
The London College of Music is responsible for the Faculty of Music. It was founded in 1887 and became a member of the university in 1991.It is a versatile program with an eye on the ever-evolving modern music scene, and is popular with students all over the world.In college, in music technology (specialty, performance / composition, popular music performance, radio broadcasting, video production), performance / composition (classic / jazz / pop, technology & management), popular music & recording, musical, music management. , BA or BMus degrees are available.In the graduate course, advanced music technology, music industry management & artist development, record production, electronic music composition, concert / movie / TV music composition, performance (advanced specialized course, brass band / brass band conducting, in-service learning "Work-" Based ") offers MA or MMus degree acquisition courses.In addition, you can earn a DMus degree in performance, composition, electronic music composition, popular music production and music industry management, and an MPhil / PhD degree in music science, composition, recording production and music technology.In addition, there are graduate diploma and certificate courses in Performance & Health Personal Development.
The university is proud to welcome international students from more than 120 countries and provide full support.In addition, since the school was originally aimed at practical studies, career services are also substantial.Learning London's cutting-edge music at a trusted educational institution will bring great fruit.
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■ School name ■

University of West London (London College of Music)
University of West London (London College of Music)
* Former Thames Valley University

■ Genre ■

Classical, jazz, pop, electronic music, media music, music technology, recording production, music business, musicals, etc.

■ Major ■

Woodwind, Wind, String, Keyboard, Vocal, Jazz, Conductor, Composition, Electronic Music, Popular Music, Music Technology, Recording Production, Music Business, Musical, Music Industry Management, Music Industry Management & Artist Development, etc.

■ Course ■

--Undergraduate (university course)
BA (Hons): Bachelor of Arts
BMus (Hons): Bachelor of Music


MA: Master of Arts
MMus: Master of Music
DMus: Doctor of Musical Arts
MPhil / PhD: Master of Philosophy / Doctor of Philosophy
PgDip: Postgraduate Diploma
Certificate of completion
PgCert: Postgraduate Certificate

■ Admission time ■


■ Course period ■

Bachelor: 3rd year
Master (MA, MMus), Diploma, Certificate of Completion: 1 year
Master (MPhil): 2 years
PhD: 3 years

■ Audition ■

* BA Music Technology has auditions / interviews, and brings a recording CD portfolio of performances / works.
* BA music management has support materials / portfolio submission of works and interviews
* For BA musicals, submit a report, audition, and bring comfortable clothes and shoes.
* BMus performance / composition has audition / interview
* BMus popular music performance & recording has auditions / interviews, and bring a recording CD portfolio of performances / works
* For MA recording production, submit a portfolio of works and reports at the bachelor level or professional level.
* MA Music Industry Management & Artist Development submits bachelor's or professional work portfolios and reports
* For MMus concert / movie / TV music composition, submit original work score (recording if possible), interview
* For MMus electronic music composition (subject to change), submit a bachelor's or professional work portfolio and report
* MMus performance (highly specialized course) includes portfolio, report sample submission, audition / interview
* MMus performance (in-service learning "Work-Based") is auditioned / interviewed (video screening possible)
* For PgDip performances, original composition / song portfolio, support sample submission, video / DVD screening are possible.
* For PgDip and PgCert performances, CD / DVD submissions and interviews for two songs with different styles (about 10 minutes) are required.
* MPhil, PhD, DMus (subject to change) have portfolio submissions and interviews in your area of ​​expertise, and auditions if your specialty is practical.

■ Eligibility for admission ■

Bachelor: High School Graduation Qualification, TOEFL or IELTS
Master (MA, MMus), Diploma, Certificate of Completion: Bachelor, TOEFL or IELTS
Master (MPhil), PhD: Master [For Dmus (subject to change), more than 2 years of professional work experience in the Master or Specialized Area], TOEFL or IELTS, Research Plan / Motivation

■ Qualifications after graduation ■

Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral, Diploma, Certificate of Completion

■ Price ■

Bachelor, Master (MA, MMus): £ 8,150-10,880 (1 year, tuition only, depending on course)
Master (MPhil), Ph.D.: Inquiry required

■ Application deadline ■

Bachelor: September admission is January 9 of the same year
Master, Ph.D.: Accepted throughout the year

■ Others ■

(XNUMX) School admission conditions and fees may vary depending on each customer's conditions, so please contact And Vision.
(2012) Information as of November 8.Information may change depending on the year and local circumstances, so please contact the And Vision Counselor for the latest information.
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