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The music study abroad agent [And Vision] proposes multiple overseas music colleges, conservatory, and music vocational schools.It is possible to compare music universities across countries such as France, Austria, and the United States.Full of information for studying abroad in music such as classical, jazz, pop, rock, world music, and music production.

From overseas music summer classes, [And Vision] proposes multiple summer classes, music academies, and music training that are best for our customers.We support a wide range of overseas music classes and realize "connect, spread, and resonate" with our abundant overseas network.

And Vision supports a wide range of dance and ballet studies from dance schools to summer schools!With a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a network of local dance and ballet teachers, we will fulfill your wishes.

A music school in Japan (Tokyo) by a music study abroad agent [And Vision].You can take "practical performance", "music theory" and "language" lessons from professional musicians from Europe and the United States.There are three courses to choose from, one for study abroad preparation, one for adults, and one for children.We will realize learning that suits your needs.

A site specializing in overseas music competitions. [And Vision] supports participation in international music competitions.We provide various information such as piano, violin, vocal music, participation requirements, assignment songs, application information, etc.We will realize "connect, spread, and resonate" with our abundant overseas network.

A concert / dance showcase site planned and operated by [And Vision Music Creative].In addition to supporting activities for musicians and dancers aiming for global success, we are developing a wide range of projects such as social contribution projects such as volunteer concerts and artist dispatch projects.We aim to develop a career, which is the vision ahead of studying abroad.
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