Music Workshop-Introducing recommended destinations and points for the 2023/2024 Music Workshop

When you think of studying abroad in music, you tend to imagine long-term things such as going on to an overseas music university, but in reality, you can participate in music classes that are held in a short period of time, such as traveling! I will explain various questions such as "I want to participate in a music class, but I don't know what it is" and "How much does it cost?"If you read this, you can also know what kind of music class is suitable for you ♪

【table of contents】

  1. What is a music class?
  2. What is the genre and music level of the music class?
  3. What is the type of music class?
  4. What kind of music class is there? -Check by country! ~
  5. How much does a music class cost?
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of music training?
  7. Frequently Asked Questions for Music Classes (FAQ)
  8. Summary
Information on overseas music courses
Information on overseas music courses
This time, we will introduce popular music courses in a few countries.There are many other training courses besides those listed, so if you are interested in any country or training course, please contact us!

What is a music class?

It is sponsored by overseas music colleges and organizations for a period of about 1 to 4 weeks.Also called seminars, summer schools, master classes, etc.Music college students and high school students will participate as the first step in long-term study abroad, and those who continue to play music as a hobby will participate to improve their level and take authentic lessons.Music classes are held in various countries throughout the year, including spring, summer, and winter.However, the number of events held is by far the largest in the summer music class!Every country has a long summer vacation, so many sensei students from all over the world will participate in it.

What is the genre and music level of the music class?

It is possible to participate in music classes in almost all genres such as classical, jazz, rock, pop, music production, movie composition, and early music.

In the case of a class

● Classical music: There are various levels, from those that even beginners and hobbies can participate in to those that require pre-audit.Many people try to study abroad in music (long term) in a short period of time, so I get the impression that many of the participants are students from music high schools and music colleges, and those who have been doing it for many years as a hobby.

● Jazz, rock, pop ... There are many patterns that anyone can participate if they are not inexperienced, except for the course of learning from a well-known band.Group lessons such as ensembles are also divided into groups according to the level, so it is safe because only one person does not have a completely different level.Since it often doubles as a school promotion, many young people such as local high school students participate.At Berklee College of Music, professionals are also participating.

● Music production: Levels are divided according to programs such as courses to learn from the basics of DTM and courses for those who have completed to some extent.It is common to create an original work and bring it with you.

● Movie composition: There are many programs for those who have the basics of composition.An image with music is given as an assignment, and the program with music is also required to have language skills, such as discussing with the participants at sensei.

● Early music ... There are many enthusiasts, so there are many classes that accept people of all levels.You can learn not only about playing musical instruments, but also about the times when early music was played, such as baroque dance lessons.

What is the type of music class?

Summer class is the most popular!

It will be the program with the most participants in the music class.However, there is a slight difference between the period when there are many music classes from June to July in North America, and the period from early July to early August in Europe and the summer vacation in Japan, so there seems to be a limit to the courses that students can attend. is. Please be aware that during the Obon festival in August, there are almost no music classes in the area during the vacation season.Even so, the weather is nice and the days are long in summer, so it is a great opportunity to live a life immersed in music while sightseeing and watching concerts.

Spring class

This is the second most popular program after the summer class.Since the event is held from February to March, many university students participate. In April, many music classes are held every year in France, but due to the new semester in Japan, the number of people who can participate is small.If you are studying abroad in music (long term), it is the time before the entrance exam, so you can participate as the final finishing touch before the exam.Don't miss the time when airline tickets are cheaper than in summer.

Winter training

It is a music class held during the year-end and New Year holidays.In reality, the local Christmas holidays are like New Year's in Japan, so the programs that are held, such as the winter music class in Vienna, are quite limited.It is a time when it is easy for working people to participate, so it will be a training time where you can interact with people of various generations.

What kind of music class is there? -Check by country! ~

Here, we will introduce popular music classes by country.This time, we will focus on a few countries, but if you have any other countries you are interested in, please feel free to contact And Vision.There are also music classes that focus on majors such as piano and vocal music, so you will be able to meet not only sensei but also colleagues from the same major all over the world.We can introduce many more music classes, so please feel free to contact us!

German music class

Europe Summer Academy / Germany

Held at the prestigious German school Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, it is a music class on a first-come, first-served basis with lessons from professors teaching at prestigious music colleges around the world.

Holding period: 3 periods (about 1 month throughout the whole period)
Audition: None
Interpreter: Arrangeable

Hannover College of Music Goslar Summer Music Music Workshop

A summer music class for young musicians at the advanced level, held at the prestigious Hannover University of Music in Germany.Arie Vardi (pf), a well-known professor, and other piano, violin, and chamber music courses will be offered.

Holding period: Approximately 2 weeks
Audition: Pre-video audition
Interpreter: Cannot be arranged

Austrian music class

★ Spring

Vienna Spring Music & Ballet Music Workshop

Music class sponsored by And Vision.Professors from the world-famous prestigious school, University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, etc. are gathered for music, and dance arts teachers from top-class ballet schools are gathered for ballet!
It is a music class that And Vision fully supports, so it is recommended for beginners.

Holding period: Approximately one week (held from March 1nd to March 2020th in 3)
Audition: None
Interpreter: Arrangeable

★ Summer

Piano / Wiener MusikSeminar / Vienna, Austria

If you want to play classical music, you'll want to attend a music class with history and tradition.Piano, vocal, string, and tube subjects are all accepted in the order of application, so you can be sure to take lessons.
The faculty is centered on professors from the world's prestigious schools, the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.A spring music class is also held around February every year.

Holding period: 5 periods (about 10 days in each period, about 2 months throughout the whole period)
Audition: None / Order of application
Interpreter: Arrangeable

Mozartium College of Music Summer International Music Academy

The largest music class held by the prestigious Mozartium Conservatory with the Salzburg Music Festival.
Students from 65 countries around the world participate in historic music classes taught by Furtwängler and Karajan every year.
Many prominent professors participate as lecturers every year.

Holding period: 3 periods (13 days in each period, less than 1 month throughout the period)
Audition: Preliminary video audition
Interpreter: Arrangeable

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna International Summer Academy ISA

This summer music course is one of the largest educational projects "sponsored" by the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.
Many of the students who studied here are active as professional performers.You can experience the guidance of the highest level professors.The audition level is also high!

Holding period: Approximately 1-2 weeks (depending on the major)
Audition: Preliminary documents and recording review
Interpreter: Cannot be arranged

★ Winter

Vienna Winter Music Music Workshop

Music class sponsored by And Vision.From Christmas to New Year, a music class by the professors of the prestigious University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna in the wonderfully exciting city of Vienna.
It is a music class that And Vision fully supports, so it is recommended for beginners.

Holding period: A little less than a week (held from December 1th to January 2021th in 12)
Audition: None
Interpreter: Arrangeable

French music class

★ Spring

Paris International Spring Music Music Workshop

A music class that can be attended without an audition.Under the guidance of high-level instructors, you can improve your skills according to your goals, such as entrance exams, competitions, and concerts.
It will also be held in the summer!

Holding period: A little less than a week (held from December 1th to January 2020th in 4)
Audition: None
Interpreter: Arrangeable

★ Summer

Nice Summer International Music Academy

Held in almost all majors.A total of more than 60 leading professors each hold a master class for 1 to 3 weeks.You can take 2 classes at the same time.A summer music class with a tradition of more than 50 years, held in the world-famous resort town of Nice.

Holding period: 3 periods (7 days in each period, about 3 weeks throughout the period)
Audition: None
Interpreter: Arrangeable

Nancy International Music Academy

A music class held by top-level instructors led by professors at the National High Conservatory of Music in Paris, Lyon, and Ecole Normal at the Nancy Regional Conservatory in France, which is equipped with first-class facilities.
You can enjoy the atmosphere of France because it is a music class with a lot of French participants.

Holding period: Approximately 10 days
Audition: None
Interpreter: Arrangeable

Italian music class

Kiziana Conservatory Summer Master Class

Held at the Palace of Keiji Saracini, one of the famous places in Siena, Italy, this workshop has long been known for being taught by top-notch famous artists.The best musicians such as Casals, Cortot and Celibidache also taught at this music class before.

Holding period: Approximately 2 months (Schedule varies depending on the professor)
Audition: Yes (method differs depending on major)
Interpreter: Cannot be arranged

Czech music class

Prague Chamber Music Master Course & Orchestra Academy

This is a music class mainly for chamber music held in the beautiful Czech ancient city of Prague.Chamber music experts will teach you personal skills and the wonders of the ensemble.
From amateurs to professionals, you can receive guidance tailored to each level.

Holding period: Solo master class less than a week
     Chamber music master class less than 2 weeks
     Orchestra Academy less than a week
Audition: Nothing in particular, but it is necessary to submit a sound source to form a chamber music group
Interpreter: Cannot be arranged

Swiss music class

Arosa Summer International Music Academy

A summer music class for pitch, college students, and above the same level held in a Swiss resort.There are a lot of famous musicians in the instructors.Saxophones include Lars Mureksch, a professor at the Zurich University of the Arts, who has a reputation for modern and contemporary classical songs, and Timothy, a member of the Prism Saxophone Quartet and associate professor of music at the University of Michigan, who is the most active performer in the United States.・ McAllister is also participating.
There is also the benefit that music class participants can enter with a free pass to all concerts held three to four times a week throughout the city.

Holding period: 2 periods (about 1 week for each period)
Audition: None
Interpreter: Cannot be arranged

Lugano Summer Master Class

Held in Lugano, Ticino, on the southern side of the Italian-speaking Alps in Switzerland, this music course is taught by leading artists and prominent music college professors who have established a reputation in the contemporary classical world. Is known for.
If you wish, you can also take chamber music and workshops at the same time.

Holding period: Approximately 2 weeks
Audition: None
Interpreter: Cannot be arranged

Polish music class

Chopin College of Music Summer Music Workshop

Lessons, lectures and master classes taught by a top professor at the oldest music college in Poland, where Chopin's alma mater and Paderewski also studied.On the final day, there will be a concert by the students, and selected excellent people will be able to perform.

Holding period: Approximately 11 days
Audition: None
Interpreter: Arrangeable

Russian music class

Moscow Conservatory Summer Music Workshop

It is a music class held by the Tchaikovsky Memorial National Moscow Conservatory, one of the three major conservatory in the world and the highest ranked music education institution in Russia.
The course subjects cover all orchestral instruments.In addition to the fixed schedule, you can optionally add private lessons from a professor at the Conservatory, experience accompaniment with an active professional singer, or take Russian lessons.

Holding period: 3 periods (1 week for each period)
Audition: None
Interpreter: Arrangeable

American music class

Berklee College of Music Summer Course / Boston, USA

Berklee College of Music, a prestigious school in the world, invites celebrities from various fields of the music industry to open a course.A long five-week event that teaches jazz, rock, pop, funk, fusion, R & B, and everything you need for great performance.

Holding period: Approximately 5 weeks
Audition: Scheduled level check test for classification on the first day of the course
Interpreter: Cannot be arranged

New York Jazz Academy Workshop

A popular jazz music class in New York.Learn the essence of sparkling jazz through lessons, classes, workshops, ensembles and more.
It is also attractive that it is held regularly in the spring, summer and winter.

Holding period: Spring, summer, winter
Audition: None
Interpreter: Arrangeable

British music class

Cheetham International Piano Summer Course

Summer School is the largest music college for children in the UK.It will be held not only for children but also for a wide range of people, including piano teachers and young people aiming for competition.
In addition to general piano classes, there are also piano duo, jazz piano, improvisational piano, composition, organ, chambero, music theory, and first-time courses.

Holding period: 2 periods of regular course (1 week for each period)
       Junior course 6 days
Audition: None
Interpreter: Cannot be arranged

British Isle Music Festival

A high-level master class for high school students, music college students, and professionals who have just made their debut.Participation qualification is 18 to 32 years old.Talented young musicians from all over the world will come together.
Lecturers are top-level performers and professors from all over Europe, including the United Kingdom.
In addition to individual lessons, we offer a curriculum packed with class-based lessons.
For those who are looking to study abroad for a long time, it is also a great opportunity to connect with a professor.

Holding period: 10 days
Audition: None * A sound source may be required as a reference for chamber music.
Interpreter: Cannot be arranged

How much does it cost to study abroad in music?

The cost of the music class you care about.Although it varies depending on the period, it costs about 30 yen plus travel expenses for music training in Europe, and 50-70 yen plus air tickets for traveling expenses in the United States.Tickets peak during Golden Week, Obon, and the year-end and New Year holidays, and the fare goes up and down like a wavy line before and after that.In Europe, the round-trip fare is around 25 to 30 yen at peak times, and in North America it is around 20 yen.
During the off-season, it will be about 10 yen cheaper than during peak hours, so if you can freely decide the period for private lessons, you should also aim for the off-season.Therefore, it is better to think that the total amount of money is about 10 to 14 days for a music class, and it costs about 45 to 60 yen for Europe and 70 to 90 yen for the United States.
If so, some people may want to save on music training for music study abroad (long-term), but it is not recommended to go to music study abroad (long-term), which is much more costly than music training. ..This is because there are problems such as the sensei that I studied at the entrance did not match, or the environment did not match in the first place. ※For more informationStudy abroad in music (long term).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad in music?

Benefits of studying abroad in music

  • Think about your future course and prospects through the music class
  • Perfect for previewing music study abroad (long-term)
  • Music classes are also a wonderful cross-cultural experience.This is an opportunity to experience how you can live in this country in the future.
  • I have to cook for myself because the rice doesn't taste good, and the local people's temperament makes it easier than when I'm in Japan!There should be various discoveries.
  • Not all 100 people can adapt to living abroad.There are certainly people who are quite stressed by differences in diet, language, and culture.However, even in such a case, if it is a short period of time, "how many days will be left", and if you count your fingers, the day will come when you will be able to board the return flight in a day that you can use both hands!Because it was a short period of time, I was able to open myself up and become active!Anyone.

Disadvantages of studying abroad in music

  • Even if you want to stay for a long time, you need to return to Japan. Living abroad is very suitable for water, and even if you want to stay as it is, you cannot be an illegal immigrant, so you need to return to Japan once.
  • It costs a lot

* I thought about the disadvantages, but I couldn't think of anything else ...The merit seems to be much greater.May you have a priceless experience!

Frequently Asked Questions about Studying Music (FAQ)

Q. I'm worried if I can understand the language ...How long should I be able to speak?

Unfortunately, Japanese is not a universal language, so it's a good idea to remember the minimum English or the language of the country as much as possible.Regarding words, some people can survive even if they can't do it, while others say that they ended up without understanding at all, and it seems that it depends on their original temperament.Determine your personality before choosing your destination.However, music is universal, so I think you don't have to worry so much about that.If you are worried anyway, you can choose a recommendation based on the points that you may not notice if you consult with a professional counselor.

Which is better, music class or private lesson?

If you want to see the lessons of many people, we recommend the music class.If you don't like it, you can take private lessons more calmly because you will also be able to observe your own lessons.In the case of music classes, there are also opportunities for concerts, and it is also good to make friends who can connect with each other after that.Private lessons are recommended because they can be used at any time, you can combine language schools to create a plan that suits your purpose, and you can study one-on-one with sensei and discuss your future course. .. ※For more information"private lesson".

I don't know which country is better

It's best to go to a country that interests you, but if you're traveling, it's a good idea to visit two or three countries.You can take lessons in a short period of time and then go to other countries before or after that, and some people change their course as a result.Seeing is believing, so it's best to experience it.

I'm scared to go alone

If it's your first time abroad, or if you're new to acting alone, it's a pain.If it's a music class, you'll meet various people wherever you go.Also, in many cases, people who participate alone will gather, so it will be an opportunity to make friends locally.When studying abroad in music with And Vision, there is also a preliminary briefing session where people from the same music class get together, so it's safe to get to know each other before traveling.


You can see that there are many music classes around the world.However, only a part of it was introduced this time.Hopes should vary from person to person, such as the sensei of hope and the country you want to visit.Why don't you feel free to consult with And Vision's study abroad counselor?We also offer free counseling ♪

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