Private lesson

If you want to order your own short-term study abroad program, And Vision's "Special Study Abroad Program".
The And Vision Special Study Abroad Program is to have sensei of your choice take lessons from more than XNUMX music college professors and professional musicians affiliated with And Vision.Among the affiliated sensei people are the names of active and former members of the Vienna Philharmonic, prominent professors at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and the Berlin University of the Arts, and jazz musicians familiar with CDs.You can apply on a weekly basis, so you can make a study abroad plan according to your schedule.Also, since there are sensei in every country in the world, it is possible to prioritize the place to stay.The level of lessons ranges from introductory level to professional level, and there are many sensei who offer special lessons for preparing for the music college exam and preparing for the competition.And the good news is that this program basically has no auditions or document screening.In other words, you can definitely learn from the decided sensei, and you can also change the sensei every week, for example, and try learning from various sensei (if the schedule is adjusted in advance).The And Vision Special Study Abroad Program is truly a bespoke short-term study abroad program.
* Some sensei have restrictions on auditions and eligibility, so please see each course for details on eligibility.
Private lesson

1. Since it is basically private, the lesson density is high.
The And Vision Special Study Abroad Program is a one-on-one private lesson.Therefore, the degree of freedom of the lesson is high, and you can teach it carefully.Since there are no auditors, I don't care about the surroundings and my mental concentration is perfect. Since you can understand the personality and musicality of sensei well, it is also recommended for those who want to find sensei in preparation for long-term study abroad.

2. Interpreters are available in most cities.
If the lesson is in an urban area, it is almost always possible to have a Japanese interpreter.And Vision will arrange a professional interpreter who is familiar with musical terms and can accurately convey artistic nuances.
* Please contact us in advance as some areas may not be able to arrange an interpreter.
* In the case of rural areas, it may be possible to handle a business trip with an interpreter.

3. Combine with short-term courses and music school courses to improve your ability at once!
The special study abroad program can be scheduled according to your own schedule, so it is easy to match the date and time with classes at classes and music schools. A double lesson of a class / music school and a special study abroad program in one overseas stay.The results will be improved at once.

4. If you apply together with your friends, you will have a cozy master class.
If you apply as a group, you can change to a master class format where you can listen to the lessons of your friends.You can relax and learn with a well-known companion, and learn more as you listen.

Language + music is on the rise!
The short-term study abroad program of two birds with one stone, which aims to learn both music and language abroad, has become popular recently.It is common practice to attend both a short course at a music school and a language school.There are also music courses where language courses are incorporated into the curriculum from the beginning.Both a class and a language school can be done in most cases.For those who want to learn a language while being taught by a professor at the Conservatory of Music and a well-known musician, the combination of And Vision's "Special Study Abroad Program" and a language school is the best choice.
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