And Vision offers the following travel services:

Arranging cheap flights

We will inform you about cheap tickets etc. from our company or affiliated travel agencies.


We or our affiliated travel agencies will arrange the hotel for you.

Local optional tour

We or our affiliated travel agencies can book and arrange local optional tours.

Concert ticket arrangement agency

We or our affiliated travel agencies will arrange reservations for local concert tickets.

ESTA / eTA / ETAS registration application procedure agency

We will take care of the ESTA required to enter the United States, the eTA required to enter Canada, and the ETAS required to enter Australia.We will give you the necessary questionnaire for the input items, so please answer.Please pay the ESTA / eTA / ETAS costs as actual costs to us in advance.

Local airport transfer arrangement agency

We will arrange a shuttle car from the local airport to your accommodation, etc. from one person.Arrangements can be made in most areas, but some areas cannot be arranged, so please contact us in advance.Generally, the driver will be the local driver.Please pay the airport transfer fee to us in advance.

International student insurance arrangement agency (AIG, etc.)

We will arrange overseas student insurance and musical instrument insurance necessary for studying abroad.It is also possible to issue a warranty statement in each language. (Some languages ​​cannot be issued) Please pay the insurance fee separately to us in advance.

Introduction of overseas mobile phone rental and mobile phone purchase

Introducing overseas mobile phones that can be rented or purchased in Japan.When using a Japanese mobile phone overseas, the local call is an international call, but if you use an overseas mobile phone, you can get a local number in many countries, so it is easy to make a call with a local person. Become.Also, compared to Japanese mobile phones, it is easier to receive radio waves overseas, so it is easier to connect and you can use it reliably.

Introducing calling cards for overseas and domestic use

Introducing calling cards that can be used overseas and in Japan.

Credit card introduction

Introducing credit cards that are essential for living abroad.However, you cannot get a card for those who are high school students or younger.